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Big Fractal Tangle


To avoid brand confusion with the Wavemarket products, we’ve decided against the name Waveplace for our desktop app.

We’ve picked another name we like even better: Tidepool™

Tidepool lets you collect, organize, describe, and browse your personal memories, such as digital photographs, movies, sound clips, and stories. With Tidepool, you can tell the who, what, where, and, when of it, using semantic web tagging technology.

You can then browse through your memories semantically, with one thing suggesting another, and another. Looking at a photo of Katie on vacation at the beach in 2002, you can then look at other photos of Katie, or other vacation photos, or other beach photos, or other 2002 photos.

Tidepool lets you share these memories instantly by transmitting them to friends and family using a familiar “instant messaging” interface. Friends and family can then chat with each other while viewing the same photos at the same time. These chats can become part of the history behind the photo, movie, or text.

People can also use Tidepool to upload their memories to Storymill™, the companion website product, so everyone you know can view them with just a web browser. Storymill is also used for private offsite archiving, so you never lose your memories (at least not the digital ones!).

More details will follow. We’re planning for a June 21st release.

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