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demos today

Waking after what seemed like mere minutes of sleep, I dressed in a daze and wandered down to the photo annotation session of Developer’s Day. Greg Elin, Libby Miller, and Mor Naaman gave talks while I played a bit with Tidepool, trying to get it behave.

After I made a point regarding privacy at the show, mentioning that we were working on a photo annotation program, Greg asked if I’d like to show it. “Sure”, I said without much thought as I wandered up to plug in my Powerbook into the overhead projector. I said a few things about it, but soon became distracted by the fact that there were no photos to show. Later I realized I had just deleted my testbed photos and hadn’t yet checked them out of CVS again. My fuzzy brain neglected to remind me of this. So much for the first public demo of Tidepool. 🙂

Meanwhile in another session, Jon was sitting next to Tim Berners-Lee and gave him a more successful personal demo. Tim then showed his own photo organization scheme, pertaining to ski trips and the like. They had a good talk.

After lunch, I demoed Tidepool more successfully for Libby, Dave Beckett, Ralph Swick, and a half dozen others. Soon after, Dan Brickley did a download from the UK and tried it while we all chatted. I also demoed it later for Nick Gibbins and Stephen Harris. Overall, people seemed quite pleased with it.

I’m sure regulars at these conferences might think this no big deal, but it definitely gave us a boost to receive such positive feedback, particularly given how hard we’ve been working lately. I’ve been feeling a lot of stress lately, mostly due to my fear of the unknown. The encouraging words I received from the folks at the www2004 have really helped.

We’ll hopefully launch the preview tomorrow so you can all try it out. In the meantime, I wish you all a safe trip home. It’s been a blast meeting so many of you in person. Catch you all on IRC!

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