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back in pennsylvania

Last night I ate dinner at the Carnegie Deli with Nick Gibbins, Stephen Harris, Dave Becket, Libby Miller, Jim Hendler, and several others I know only by IRC nickname. We then chatted till 11pm in the hotel bar about a great many semweb things.

I’m exhausted! This morning I packed up and checked out with plenty of time to make my bus, then talked for an hour in the lobby with Mor Naaman from Stanford, causing me to miss my bus by 8 minutes. My penance was sitting two hours on the floor in Port Authority, which is its own brand of purgatory. At least I found an outlet!

I spent my time there (and on the bus) working on Storymill.net. I hadn’t planned on doing as much as I’m doing with the website for this release, but what the hell. We’re already late as it is. May as well put the shine on.

Tomorrow. Maybe. I’m exhausted.

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