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tidepool preview is now available

After yet another 4am grudge match with both Tidepool and Storymill.net, we’re (mostly) ready for the world to see what we’ve done so far. You can download the Tidepool preview by visiting:


Details on Tidepool and Storymill can also be found at the site. There’s also a Flash demo if you don’t have time to install the actual program. We had hoped to get Tidepool uploading its w3photo goodness to Storymill, but we’re still inches away, so it will have to wait until the next release. You can still output the RDF locally and upload to w3photo. Storymill currently has just a fraction of its future functionality. The parts you can see now are just the bare minimum needed to support the w3photo stuff, which we decided to add at the last minute.

Anyway, I’m very very tired. The last week has been like three weeks rolled into one. As today is my wedding anniversary, I’m starting a much-needed week long vacation. I’ll be unavailable until June 1st.

Send questions, comments, encouragement to us here. I’ll see you in June!

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