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As we’re writing the press release for the impending Tidepool release, the issue of what category to give it has again resurfaced. Believe it or not, we’re leaning towards “semantic juxtaposer” or “juxtaposer”.

Given that “juxtapose” just got picked as one of Merriam Webster’s Top Ten Favorite Words for 2004, this further seals the deal. đŸ™‚

What do you think? “Tidepool’s a semantic browser, a digital media organizer, an instant messaging client, an authoring tool, a contact manager, a calendaring app, a PIM sync program, and a personal publisher (blogs & photos & sounds & newsletters), all built upon an agent-based control system and extension mechanism.” What would you call it?

More generally, what’s a good term to describe semantic annotation, organizing, searching, and browsing. Now’s the time to decide this before the press saddles us with some dorky acronym like PDA or PIM.

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