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post 100

This is the hundredth post on this blog, which may not seem a big deal to those accustomed to blogs with ten quick paragraphs a day, but it feels like an accomplishment to me. In the last seven months, I’ve kept to no more than one post a day, trying to make each post its own little standalone written work, however marginal its view.

Yesterday was another milestone: six months since we started Project Realize, our self-funded mission to bring everyone Tidepool & Storymill. We had planned to release the first selling version yesterday, but Jon and I decided to give it another two weeks to get it right. As happened last month, it’s synchronizing with Storymill that’s the hold up.

Look for the public launch of Tidepool & Storymill on July 5th, a day steeped in historic importance, as it brought us Newton’s Principia, Elvis Presley’s first recordings, the transistor and the bikini. I’ll leave it to you to decide which of these had more of a social impact 🙂

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