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bingo jersey

We’ve been extra busy here at Immuexa, trying to get PhotoBingo up and running in time for FOAF Galway. I’ve been neglecting my blog, which is a sure sign that I’m getting real work done 🙂

Last night I finished the jersey we’ll be giving away to people who play the first game, which will be named “1st FOAF Bingo”. We’ll start it before the workshop and let it run a while after that, so people have time to waste time when they get back home.

Here’s the bingo jersey, front and back:


The illustrations were done just for this shirt by our own illustrator, Isabelle. I made up the shirt designs last night with the help of my niece Liz and nephew Chris. They came up with the slogan on the front:

“My friend has a friend who played the first FOAF Bingo.”

We originally had the word “ME!” at the end, but in spite of their insistent protestations, I thought better of it, feeling it a bit too cute. (Though as my wife Paula pointed out, the shirt has a big starfish yelling Bingo on it 🙂

Other candidates they thought of were:

“Don’t be a loaf, use FOAF.”


“I won bingo, you’re a smelly dingo.”

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