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stealth release

Things have been very busy here at Immuexa, as you can likely tell from my recent lack of postings. We’re in the eleventh hour, preparing for our impending public release. Personally, life has been full. I could write for hours about everything going on, but with all that’s going on, I have no time to write!

In fact, I’m so busy that I neglected to announce our third Tidepool preview release, last Saturday. We release a new version (either private, preview, or public) once a month. This month includes a few new features, but mostly addresses snags we found in our Galway release.

For those waiting to play the first game of PhotoBingo, we’re good to go with this new release. The “First FOAF Bingo” game will begin at 3am ET on October 14th and will last ten days, ending 3am ET October 24th.

Only players who attended FOAF Galway will receive a bingo jersey, but all who ask nicely will get the “magic word” needed to play.

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