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back to the beginning

I started this blog a year ago today. My original goal was to write once a day about the Semantic Web and its social implications:

…which is why we need Round Two: the annotated, interconnected, Web. This new organic, evolving, maintainable, improvement will do more than simply increase the accuracy of our Google searches. It’ll help real people understand and visualize interconnection, which in my opinion will alter our society profoundly for the better.

I kept up with the once-a-day pace for two months, writing mostly about semweb topics, before getting distracted by the demands of our in-house Immuexa project, creating Tidepool & Storymill.

Looking back, I can see that I haven’t written much about the Semantic Web in six months, since the www2004 conference. Not even in Galway, which is surprising. I’ve certainly talked a lot about the Semantic Web 🙂

Okay, time to get back to the original purpose of this blog, which was meant for more than our in-house project and my personal life. As a way back into daily discipline again, I’ll start by commenting each day on the post from a year before. There’s some good stuff from back then. By continuing the thought from each day’s year-old post, I hope to once again see past my current developmental single-focus to the larger picture of the emerging Semantic Web.

For the curious, here’s a quick chart detailing my “laziness factor” in the last year, i.e. the amount of time (in days) between posts on this blog. Smaller amounts are better. As you can see, I did well for two months, then things get wacky. As expected, the peaks correspond roughly to major Tidepool releases. I’ll try to keep it below the five line from here on.

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