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life shows up all at once

Three weeks since my last post, and a month before that one… guess I’m not doing too well on my one-a-day plan 🙂

Here’s the thing: wow.

In the last two months we’ve been scrambling here at Immuexa like we’ve never scrambled before. If anyone remembers me & Jon at www2004, or me & the other Jon at FOAF-Galway … multiply the intensity and drag it out for weeks. We’ve been on the edge of our big public release of Tidepool & Storymill since Thanksgiving.

“When the apple is ripe, it will fall from the tree.”

Personally, it’s been grueling. It takes a lot to maintain passion & vision & motivation for an ambitious software project for a whole year, nevermind the ad-hoc sprints thrown in to make it interesting: March first glimpse, May www2004, September FOAF-Galway. This last big push has been exhausting, and would have ranked on its own as the most stressful in my life, but I got a few extra stressers to make it especially interesting:

1. we’ve been picked for adoption (baby due in a month)

2. a nasty sibling legal standoff

3. my sister’s fighting cancer

4. chloe, my constant companion, is gone

What can I say? It takes a train to cry. If Nietsche was right, and “that which does not kill us makes us strong”, then I’d probably qualify as a circus side-show attraction by now. “Tim, the Amazing Stress Magnet.”

Somehow each hour brings us closer to releasing. Somehow each day brings us forward to my wife and I becoming parents.

And then the stress stops, right? 🙂

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