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where’s the FOAF? (and other features)

We started integrating FOAF into Storymill and Tidepool more than a year ago. Like the RSS feeds that served up RDF and photos to PhotoBingo, we’ve hidden the FOAF fruits of our earlier efforts until we update things to be more compatible with our field-level permissions structure. You’d think with FOAF icons and the word “friend” everywhere on the site there’d be a least one FOAF file!

Don’t worry, they’re there. They’re just hidden. Every Storymill user will have an automatically generated FOAF file that gets dynamically created for each person that sees it (friends will see more info). The information shown will be adjusted according to configurable permission settings.

Other features that got covered up include: automatic PGP keys and signing (web of trust stuff), touch graph browsing, linking tags together, instant messaging interface, etc. These are largely done, and will surface in future releases.

If you want it sooner, encourage us. We’ve got a few other things to do too.

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