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#swig again

Just now I logged onto the semantic web IRC chat channel after many months away and immediately saw:

<libby> teefal! long time no see

Having met Libby a few times on various islands in the Atlantic, I know her as very friendly, so it doesn’t surprise me that she’d say hi so quickly. What surprised me is how welcomed I felt by it.

This got me thinking about the humanness that interconnects our fragile web communities. Scrolling through nicknames on #swig, I was able to quickly recall faces, voices, and conversations. The fact that these people live all over the world and speak several languages never seems to matter. It’s something we’ve all grown accustomed to. We’re able to hang out all day with each other from wherever we are, which is all the more incredible when you consider the raw talent represented in this list.

Given my dubious credentials compared to such a group, I likely get more than I give, being part of it. I’m lucky to have found this community. From where I sit, most semwebbers are brilliant and surprisingly humble. Sure, there are some who take themselves a tad bit seriously, but in daily life I’m surrounded with minor league Napoleons a’plenty. As I see it, the semwebbers have earned some attitude.

I’ll be writing more about communities and interconnection in coming posts. For now just know that it’s good to be back. While it’s our common effort that brings us together, it’s the humanity that keeps us connnected. It’s the fun that makes me miss it.

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