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I’m amazed now thinking I’ve been back from Florida three weeks. Amazed at both how long and how short it seems, which usually means some life’s been lived, which couldn’t be truer for me these last weeks.

Someday I’ll write about our trials down in Florida with adoption and bureaucrats. I’ll write when I’ve had more reflection and walkaway time. It’s an amazing story.

I’ll also write about little Isabel and I finally driving into Bethlehem during Moravian Vespers, which my wife conducts, and Isabel spending her first hour in town listening to Paula’s choir and watching handmade Christmas candles all aglow. The show will air on NBC next year, so stay tuned. Pennsylania viewers can watch PCN on Christmas Eve at 8pm and 10pm.

I’ll likely write about our new project crafting semantic web goodness for the medical field, enlisting the help of some very capable folk such as Dan Brickley and Danny Ayers among others. Details are deliberately sketchy as to who we’re working for and what we’re building, but it’s proving to be a *good thing*, both for the semweb and humanity at large.

I’ll no doubt write about “Web 2.0” and Flock and a dozen other emerging efforts that have sprung up during the last nine months while I’ve been napping. I could write about our current plans for Tidepool and Storymill. Immuexa seem to have missed the wave we were waiting for, but from where I’m floating now, it’s not such a bad thing being off to the side. As I watch the world tumble competitvely forward, blathering endlessly in blogs about every incremental advance, I can’t help but think, “I’m glad I’m not on that ride.”

But most of all, I’ll write about being a new dad to little Isabel. For all I’ve been through and all I’ve thought and seen, there’s nothing that compares to simply sitting with her, working quietly on my laptop at 5am between feedings, gazing down at her peaceful beautiful face from time to time while I work. As John Gorka says, it’s an “ancient new direction”, and much more compelling to me these days than the latest “Web 2.0” conjecture.

Tidepool and Storymill were always aimed at the celebration of real life. What can I say? I’m doing some research.

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