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immuexa eighth

Today Immuexa turns eight, and as before, Jon and I lunched at Bubba’s to celebrate. Last year, we officially launched Tidepool and Storymill, which after fifteen hard months of work, was a big deal to us at the time.

Now a year later, I should probably mark the occasion by writing of the year’s lessons and course corrections, or wax philosophical about persistence and the future of things, but tonight I’m not in the mood.

Suffice it to say that Jon and I had a great talk. We’re both still psyched about the semantic web, particularly the upcoming roles of agents, interop, and “semantic proximity”. We’ve planted some flags in the distance to trudge towards over the next year. We’re having a great time working these last few months with Dan Brickley and Danny Ayers on our big healthcare semweb project. We’re also excited about the four impending new Storymill Engine website launchs this month, with more after that.

Most of all though: we’re still in business. As anyone that’s run a small business knows, eight years afloat is something to celebrate. Year nine should be interesting, so if you’re still listening, stay tuned 🙂

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