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three hats

I haven’t blogged in too long a time, which usually means I’ve got too much to say and too little time. This birthday morning I woke and felt the need to go on record again, so starting today I’ll try to blog a little each day, if only with journal posts like this.

Yesterday was a big day for everyone looking to Washington DC, but also big for a small group of dedicated Squeak Etoys fans. We officially announced Squeakland Foundation, a non-profit organization that will take over from Viewpoints Research as the guardians of Etoys. I’m the new executive director of Squeakland, at least for 2009. With many talented people on our board, including Walter Bender, former president of OLPC, I’m really looking forward to this new group endeavor.

So today’s my first full day “in office” as the new leader of Squeakland. My Immuexa and Waveplace work is still going strong, so now I get to wear three hats at once, which should be interesting. I’m used to working on multiple projects at the same time, but I’m still a bit daunted by the size of my plate right now.

Stay in the moment and do the next right thing.

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