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circumstance arising

Since my Smilla start yesterday, I’ve come across a few serendipitous signs. First an architecture talk with Jon about a new project for the medical field, where I essentially drew up the Gravity architecture from decades past, complete with channels, prisms, stores, etc. Later I went to the Museum of Science with Isabel and Paula and in the computer room came across two NLP exhibits, one a six foot video image of a robot that forces you to choose answers and questions, another of twins that have decent speech recognition, but only for the presenter. My strong reaction was: I can do better.

This morning, I continued my refactoring of the StoryBot code, then opened up OmniGraffle to do some designs. The architecture from yesterday opened and my brain immediately started moving stuff around. Reaching a point of satisfaction, I opened a new document to start the Storybot architecture and soon realized I wanted much of what I was just working on, so I copy and pasted it as a start. After looking a while, I realized … the first architecture *was* the Storybot architecture.

From the depths of my five year obsession twenty years ago, from what has now become indefensible instinct . . . the Gravity architecture has resurfaced for two separate projects in as many days. Perhaps it’s my proximity to Stata, perhaps it’s simple the time for those ideas to flower.

Upon realizing this, I had a strong feeling of history. I am at the start of something worth remembering.

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