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don’t break the box

Three years of too much to do and today it changes.

As Waveplace gathered steam three summers ago, my long-time timeboxing regime went out the window, replaced with an event-driven meandering mess, wherein each day I reached quitting time wondering, “Where did the day go?”

Much was accomplished, but much was ignored. If only for my own peace of mind, I require a return to a simpler process . . . Timebox Your Day. Too often some minor crisis intrudes upon a scheduled coding session and before I know it, I’m staring at a timer that reads 15 minutes when it’s supposed to read 4 hours. One thing, and the next, and the next, gobbled up the day again.

It’s pretty simple to avoid this from happening. For one thing, I should never check my email or answer my phone before noon. It’s a sure-fire way to switch to an event driven mindset. My routine has long been to do creative work in the morning and event-driven stuff in the afternoon, but in the last three years, this rarely happened.

Rule #1 . . . Don’t Break The Box

Allow nothing to intrude upon scheduled creative time.

This morning it’s 4 hours of the Hawk Mountain raptor identification game. I’ve wanted to work on this for … years.

Now to finish it, one timebox at a time.

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