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begin again

With a whole wide world on the other end of this phone, with millions of people needing help to decrease their drag and increase their profit, how can I now connect to Immuexa’s next project, one that’s soulful, innovative, and lucrative for all?

My Haiti work has brought me to a precipice I haven’t seen since Immuexa’s early days, almost thirteen years ago: no work in sight. In all that time, I’ve always had a billable project on the horizon. With ongoing sales & networking, I managed to keep the Immuexa fires burning without much effort, even through the 2001 downturn.

Now my Haiti work has allowed Immuexa to nearly burn out. With nine of the last twelve months spent on Haiti’s behalf, it’s easy to see why. With our latest workshop complete, it’s time to get back to making software. Humanitarian work is a worthy endeavor, but it doesn’t really pay the bills.

I’ve been here before. Time to pick up my worn tools and begin again.

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