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Thirteen Years of Immuexa

Thirteen years ago today, I woke up with no work in sight.  I’d just left my cush job at Lotus Development, having recently finished my part of Lotus Notes & Domino R5, which one might think would lead to better things, but no, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Somehow I managed to escape with my passion intact, thanks largely to my wife Paula who let me quit and start a new company with no money and no clients.

Recently I’ve been dusting off the website and other long-neglected tasks, preparing for new sales.  I’m also reconnecting with some of the many who have worked for Immuexa (a quick count yielded 50!).  Dan Brickley of FOAF and RDFS fame caught me up on all things semantic web.  We talked about projects we’d like to pitch, hoping to work together again.  He and several others wrote very flattering recommendations for my LinkedIn profile.

The future feels bright, though details are as sketchy as that first morning thirteen years ago. Other than going live with the updated Immuexa website in a few days, I can honestly say I have no idea what’s next.  Great things are possible!

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