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new chapter

I’m minutes away from starting a new software project for a genetics testing laboratory called CTGT.  We signed the contracts last Friday, thus ending two months of mid-project limbo wherein three very different companies were vying for my summer.   I went with CTGT for three reasons:  1) it’s local, which means I can stop by whenever needed, 2) the spec was very detailed, which means I can jump right in and start building, and 3) it’s scoped to let me continue picking my daughter up from school, rather than the usual pacing on the phone till after five.

Another big difference is that I’m doing this one solo rather than bring in contractors to help.  After all the talk-talk-talk of recent years, it’ll be wonderful to slip on my work gloves and simply code for a solid long time.  I’ll be using JEE 6, switching between Glassfish and JBoss, which means I can use some best practice technology, particularly JPA and JSF.

Anyway, it’s time to start.  I’ve blocked out 7am to 11am each morning till August.  Can’t wait 🙂

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