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Pitch And Roll

Here at the start, anything is possible.  A blank page, an awakening brain, a world of need to connect with and convince.

Most people know me as a software developer and ed-tech evangelist, though my original destiny was ordained as a marketer.  My father owned an advertising agency, where my older siblings worked, as was expected of me. My family life was agency life.

My father was a living personification of media and message, the original Don Draper, holding court on Madison Avenue in the sixties, then across the river in his own shop.  His voice, his bearing, his phrasing, his pauses: all carried the requisite hubris and strength to be heard above the dreck.  His whole being said, “Listen to me.”

And here I am, thirty years after deciding to chart my own course away, typing on the first morning of a very needed sales push, hoping to conjure up a fraction of my father’s resolve.  Though good at sales, I resist it, which limits my business.  In 2010, I created a Haiti debt hole to climb from, and the only way out is to get on the phone and convince people I’m worth a listen.

So where to start?   What audience?   The Internet’s a huge open dartboard.  Who needs some software?

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