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The hardest thing to do is write tiny bits of texts.  Today I debated the new Tidepool talking points which, when written, will go on the back of the postcard and will replace the “About” page. I’ve talked about each point a hundred different ways over the years.  I’ve written a full business plan and made a project trailer.

So once more, in rough form, here goes … what makes Tidepool different?

  • world – explore and create a shared hand-drawn 3D world
  • stories – make interactive stories and games for others to play
  • coding – program your creations to watch for conditions and respond to events
  • courseware – build supplemental educational materials that teach concepts deeply
  • fundraising – players can purchase crystals from vetted schools and NGOs
  • agents – chat with cognitive agents, allowing a conversational approach to coding

A good start, but more is needed before it’s brochure quality.  I’ve also got to match my icons to the concepts:


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