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five, maybe six

This morning’s talk was a good one.  As I paced my hotel’s pool deck in downtown Phoenix, I discussed the five coding concepts in Tidepool, then introduced a possible sixth concept.  If you’ve ever wondered how someone actually makes a programming language, this talk might interest you.  

The five concepts are:

agents – the codable do’ers in Tidepool
properties – name/value pairs, aka variables, parameters, arguments
rules – bundle of things to do when conditions are met, aka functions or methods
conditions – a list of boolean expressions that determine if a rule is fired
messages – instructions for an agent, aka statement, method call

Towards the end of the talk, I introduced “forms” as a general way to introduce the concept of records or objects.  This led to a coalescence of UI & concepts that I haven’t completely thought through yet.  Instinctively, properties and conditions seem like they should be contained in forms.  I need more exploration to say exactly how.

In other news, I finally fixed the “don’t turn when I move” bug.  My changes unexpectedly sped things up considerably, so I had fun zooming around the world on hyperdrive before I put a slow-down factor in there.  It’s good to know players can get zippy if we want.

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