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minor milestone

Yesterday and today I talked about some the nitty-gritty details of the eight new features I’m adding.  With only twelve days left before testing, I’m getting much less ambitious. Amazing how a looming deadline clarifies your expectations.

Before this though, I need to finish the trailer and printed materials, so I’ve got a mini-deadline now, the 17th, which is now set aside to make game movies for the trailer and the postcards.  Before I can do these, I need to finish the director, the primary programming interface in Tidepool.  Both the movies and cards will show it.

Meanwhile I’ve been battling some extreme exhaustion, mostly from my ill-fated attempts to adjust to this new time zone, which I’m sure will only get worse after my red-eye flight tomorrow and the whiplash jet lag soon to follow. All I can do is keep moving forward.

And oh!  I forgot!   Yesterday while coding, I typed “#seymour.1, forward 1000″ and seymour moved!   A minor, but exciting, milestone.

EDIT: The mouse should be named Alan, not Seymour.

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